No matter how clean and quiet

These images are concerned with the dual ideas of arcadia, shaggy and smooth, dark and light, a place of relaxed pleasure and a place of primitive panic. During the 1830ís in France, Claude Denecourt opened up the wild woods of the Forest of Fontainebleu to the people of France through the invention of the nature trail. Wandering the forest at night with a covered lamp and a pot of blue paint he marked precise places with blue arrows where he anticipated walkers would need direction and guidance, thus creating a controlled enjoyment of nature, a popular arcadia. The blue arrows were the syntax of Denecourtís grammar of woodland walks and what gave it direction and coherence. My nightly walks around rural France are not in the wild forest but on paths well trodden, yet it is still an unknown and strange environment for me where I stumble and get lost. At times capturing the particular time between day and night (like the French saying Ďentre chien et loupí) where the observed scene is blurred and dark, erasing boundaries between the real, imagined and expected these images seek to create in a new way boundaries between the known and the unknown. These images were taken in the Champagne-Ardennes region of rural France in autumn/winter.